Broken Glances CD



This album is a documentary of a decade with our fans, it's excitingly unapologetic in it's effort to be different but at the same time it's a respectful nod and dip of the cap to all our fans that have supported us and been a part of the adventure. This is an album from us to you. It's a record you will be able to invest time in and enjoy for different reasons at different times on different days. It's full of ideas and expression that we've previously not been brave enough to put on our albums..but this time it's all here, it's all in this album for you to discover and be a part of, and this time we’re giving you opportunity to get hold of some exclusive versions of our 5th studio album.   This store is the only place to get signed CDs, a 12” vinyl version, and exclusive and limited edition T-Shirts to celebrate the release...thanks for the amazing memories and please enjoy our latest album: Broken Glances.

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